Local History

Casino’s marching out parade – 1903

The Northern Rivers region has a colourful history.

From natural disasters such as the horrific 1954 floods to the ups and downs of our local agricultural industry, the Northern Rivers has been resilient.

Because our history should never be forgotten, Northern Rivers Heartland will showcase historical features and ‘flashbacks’ to the past.

We will feature stories from celebrated local author Helen Trustum and Heartland Media’s own historian ‘Rusty’.





On the Northern Rivers it has been very dry after such a good start.

I hope that families on the land start to get better rainfall and growth in their pastures.

With the weaner cattle sales getting closer it would be good to have your calves blooming with nice and shiny coats.

Years ago, the weaner sales were held in just one place, they were spread over a large area.

The first day of a two-day sale started at Mallanganee then onto Tabulam, Bonalbo, Urbanville, Woodenbong and back to Kyogle.

All in one day.

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