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northern rivers, school milk

Baby boomers were forced to suffer through something truly terrible as children.

It was the Commonwealth Government Free School Milk Scheme.

In an effort to prevent calcium and protein deficiencies, in 1951 the Australian government started funding free milk for schoolchildren.

However many ‘school milk survivors’ believe it wasn’t as wonderful as it sounded.

northern rivers, school milk

In many schools, the milk was left outdoors in schoolyards in hot weather.

When children were finally able to drink it, it was usually curdled and warm, with the cream floating on top.

Oddly enough, some children loved it, while others hated it.

Some children refused to drink it.

Rural schools had a higher level of wastage than metropolitan schools.

This may be because country children had easier access to fresh milk at home from local dairies.

In 1973, the scheme was abandoned by the government after the cost had blown out to over $12 million.

Nowadays children are lucky to have access to refrigerated milk at school.

While the ‘60s may be making a comeback in many ways, perhaps this is one thing that should remain in the past.

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